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Lavender Vanilla Infused Honey
Infused Honey

Lavender Vanilla Infused Honey

We’ve infused organic lavender buds from France and Tahitian vanilla beans into our raw honey to bring you a taste of summer that traverses the globe! This marriage of delights will add a sense of calm when added to your tea, coffee, charcuterie boards, ice cream, and other gourmet treats!

Pure, Raw Honey

Pure, Raw

Harvested on Organic Farm

Harvested on
Our Organic Farm

From Our Own Beehives

From Our Own

Small Batch Artisan

Small Batch

Our Organic Farm

Only Organic &
Natural Flavors

Natural Creamed Process

Creamed Process

No Pasteurization


No Excess Filtering

No Excess

No Preservatives


No Artificial Ingredients

No Artificial

No Added Sugars

No Added

no Pesticides


Excellent taste! Buttery and nutty with coffee. Pairs perfectly with almond butter. I'II definitely be buying again, but next time, I'm buying the big one. My husband can't stop eating it! Lol Thank you

—Lindsey G
about Butter Pecan Coffee Honey via Etsy

I bought one of your jars w the pump at Heritage Coffee…I was just using it and the pump works so great! Genius!!

—Melissa Weaver
about Raw Honey 24oz Mason Jar with Pump via Facebook

My new obsession, Brioche Toast with Creamed Vanilla Bean 🙌🏼

—D'Ann Waller
about Vanilla Bean Creamed Honey via Facebook

Love allll of their honey

—Kim Moyers
via Facebook

I tried it today bought me three different honeys and am pretty shocked ! Awesome !

—Jacob May
about Butter Pecan Coffee Honey via Facebook

Lemon cream is my favorite!

—Cindy McCafferty
about Lemon Creamed Honey via Facebook

We bought several things and are in love with them all!!!! We will definitely be coming back for more!!!

—Jessica Hatton
via Facebook

Best honey in Texas!

—Kim Slack
about Raw Honey 16oz Muth Jar via Facebook

Mel Terra is THE best honey!

—Chandra Thompson
via Facebook

My favorite! I love to just eat a spoonful of it. It taste like red hots. Yum!

—Ashley Dillard
about Sweet Fire Honey via Facebook

It was great meeting you and tasting all the different flavors of honey! 🍯

—Michelle Palmore
via Facebook

We have been buying it for a while… It’s is the best local honey! When we are ready for more …we buy several large jars…Well worth it!

—Shelia Nungester
about Raw Honey 16oz Muth Jar via Facebook

Love this Delicious Honey ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍

—Joann DeYoung
about Raw Honey 16oz Muth Jar via Facebook

The Lemon Creamed Honey is amazing!

—Chloe Prejean
about Lemon Creamed Honey via Facebook

Very good Honey. I ordered some and it came packaged very well. Thank you.

—Gustie Callaway
via Facebook

You definitely get what you pay for!!


Love ya’ll and your honey!


—Tammy Kidder
via Facebook

What Makes Mel Terra Honey Special?

Real Texas Honey
  • Our bees are raised with care in our own bee yards
  • Our honey a distinctive and delicious taste. It’s sourced from wildflowers, clover, fruit trees we grow as well as trees and plants in the forests around our farm!
  • Our honey is kept in its natural state - raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized
  • Each step of the process from harvest to bottling is handled at our farm and to the highest standards
  • We're members of the Real Texas Honey Program

Meet the Beekeepers

Our family enjoys working together to provide you with the best quality natural honey from our own hives here in Deep East Texas. We started our apiary in 2017 with just six hives and a desire to pollinate our orchard of over 100 fruit trees. We quickly expanded and and learned to love the bee. The more we learn about the bees the more interesting they become.

The name “Mel Terra” is Latin for “honey land and is a play on the phrase “a land flowing with milk and honey” describing the promised land in Exodus 3:8.

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