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Honey for Charcuterie Boards

Honey for Charcuterie Boards

If you love Charcuterie, don't neglect the sweetness of Honey on your boards. It pairs well with almost any cheese — cheddar, parmesan, blue, gouda, brie — all taste great with a bit of honey. Any fruit is enhanced with a drizzle of honey. Creamed honey can be used on crackers or as a dip for nuts or fruit.

  • 🍯 Honey adds a layer of freshness to each bite
  • 🍯 Balances savory flavors
  • 🍯 Visually interesting
  • 🍯 Complements rather than smothers

This year we're offering a special size with Charcuterie in mind - a cute 6oz jar with black lid. With our many flavors, you can come up with endless sweet and savory pairings. Here's the honey we have in this special size:

  • 🍯 Pure, Raw Honey
  • 🍯 Lavender Vanilla Infused
  • 🍯 Fig & Vanilla Creamed
  • 🍯 Vanilla Bean Creamed
  • 🍯 Cinnamon Creamed
  • 🎃 Pumpkin Spice Creamed
  • 🫐 Blueberry Lemon Creamed
  • 🍋 Lemon Creamed Creamed
  • 🔥 Sweet Fire Infused
  • 🍒 Cherry Chocolate Creamed