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About Mel Terra Farm

About Mel Terra Farm

About Us

Our family enjoys working together to provide you with the best quality natural honey from our own hives here in Deep East Texas. We started our apiary in 2017 with just six hives and a desire to pollinate our orchard of over 100 fruit trees. We quickly expanded and and learned to love the bee. The more we learn about the bees the more interesting they become.

We started selling the excess honey and experimenting with creamed honey. Mel Terra Farm was born. The name “Mel Terra” is Latin for “honey land and is a play on the phrase “a land flowing with milk and honey” describing the promised land in Exodus 3:8.

 About Mel Terra Farm

About Our Honey

Our goal is to keep our honey in its natural state - raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized. We sell only natural honey and honey products, which contain no additives or artificial preservatives.

We keep our own bees and handle the extracting and bottling process ourselves. Having each step of the process under our control allows us to ensure the highest quality honey.

We plant fields of wildflowers, clover, fruit trees and berries. Combined with local tallow trees, these sources give our honey a distinctive and delicious taste!

About Creamed Honey

Creamed honey is thick and spreadable — like butter. It's still pure, raw honey just in a different form with no other additives or dairy in it. We create the buttery texture by crystallizing the honey with tiny smooth crystals.

We specialize in creamed honey and love coming up with unique flavors. Some recent flavors include Fig & Vanilla made from figs on our organic farm and our own raw honey. Our creamed honey is crafted in small batches from our pure raw honey and simple, natural ingredients. No artificial colors or flavors are ever used.

In the Press

We were honored to be featured in Charm Magazine. Read the interview.